Big Data Analytics

"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine"
-Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Research

Most organizations today, have to deal with data that runs into terabytes and petabytes, before they can gain insights into their business, customers and market. These large, complex and multifaceted data sets are what the world has come to know as Big Data.

Endeavour’s robust Big Data solutions are built on-top of a foundation of deep domain expertise, leveraging breakthrough data science, cutting-edge technologies & platforms and innovative application frameworks.

Big4A: Explore Endeavour’s data savvy and powerful Big Data platform

The Four Big A’s of Big Data Analytics: Assess, Acquire, Apply, Accelerate
Analytics Services

Endeavour’s DEPP Model – Predictive & Prescriptive Analytical Modeling Service

Assess Data Maturity

We help businesses assess their data requirements, state of organizational data assets and legacy data management infrastructure. Our team of data scientists and data experts work with businesses to identify and review best practices in data management and implement big data solutions that will provide a higher return-on-data. Our solutions have the ability to analyze a business problem and convert it into a business opportunity with a simple shift in perspective.

Acquire Information

Big Data implementation requires a considerable amount of investment in setting-up infrastructure,policies and processes. Endeavour’s consulting framework helps businesses make sense of evolving big data technologies and practices – assisting in conceptualizing a well thought-out big data strategy spanning the entire data lifecycle, including recommendations about architecture, tools and platforms, storage options and BI frameworks.

Endeavour’s Big Data Consulting Framework

  • Big Data Strategy and Roadmap Conception
  • Big Data architecture recommendation
  • Evaluation of Big Data Technologies

Apply knowledge and Learnings

Endeavour experts apply sophisticated techniques to extract actionable knowledge and insights by leveraging the right tools for storing, processing and analyzing data. This is vital to any big data architecture.

Infrastructure Management

Our engineers help businesses mold complex big data infrastructure using leading industry platforms and technologies like the Hadoop eco-system and NoSQL. Business benefits include:

  • Workload-optimized systems
  • Industry-leading database performance
  • Reduced administration, storage, server and development costs
  • Easy to deploy solution

Platform Implementation

Endeavour enables smooth and secure migration of enterprise data to the big data platform, once the architecture has been built. We also help clients overlay data mining, data visualization and analytics tools on-top the big data platform, which will enable business leaders to access information in real-time and make intelligent and swift decisions.

  • Big Data Platform expertise
  • Hadoop ecosystem databases and utilities
  • Migration of existing technology platform to a Hadoop Ecosystem

Accelerate Insights with Hosted Solutions

Our hybrid hosted solutions provide cost-effective and scalable storage options for the enterprise’s big data storage requirements. These solutions improve data accessibility, help boost processing power, minimize data latency and facilitate Mobile BI.