Business Intelligence

Powerful insights enable dynamic businesses to make informed decisions in real-time, to ensure their business is never kept on-hold

Data is the fuel on which businesses run, and the biggest challenge organizations face today is finding the right set of tools and platforms that monitor and boost performance. Our BI solutions are aimed at maximizing data efficiency, allowing enterprise and SME decision-makers to respond to dynamic markets, with a bespoke strategy and an agile mindset.

Our data experts help businesses architect, deploy and manage multidimensional BI models to assist in breaking-down disparate sets of structured and unstructured data, to generate insights that are meaningful for them, both strategically and operationally.

Endeavour’s BI Offerings

Data Discovery

We help you explore datasets of all shapes, sizes, and from various sources, to help discover information and opportunities that are critical for your business. We leverage powerful analytics to give you a dashboard view of all available options, enabling you to make informed decisions and ensuring that your leaders spend their efforts only on pertinent business initiatives.

Analytics Solutions

In order to maintain a competitive edge, businesses need to be armed with context-aware executive dashboards and KPIs, driven by rich analytics. We harness predictive modeling tools, data visualization platforms and deduction techniques to produce analytics dashboards that will assist business stakeholders to understand customer behavior patterns, gain insights into market trends and accordingly optimize their business processes.

Mobile BI

Improving workforce productivity is crucial to every business, and mobile-based solutions have empowered business stakeholders with better and faster decision-making. Our Mobile BI solutions bridge the gap between workforce productivity and efficient business processes, by delivering business-critical data remotely to mobile devices, through intuitive and highly secure mobile applications.

Data Management

Referenceable, anytime, anywhere data is vital to every data-driven business. Our Data Management services help organizations to manage data assets throughout the data lifecycle. Using a complex set of policies and processes, we help govern data right from the acquisition phase, through the storage phase, to its erasure; this also includes advising on the choice of storage media and its implementation, setting data priority and defining application accessibility rules.

Managed Services

Managing large-scale BI initiatives can be an overwhelming task - one that demands investment of effort and resources. Endeavour offers a comprehensive range of scalable managed services models, which will permit businesses to focus on what is most important to them, and not be bogged down by everyday-management of BI systems. This enables organizations to make the most of their BI investments by improving customer acquisition and retention, operational efficiency, and time-to-market.