A Mobile EHR Solution called e-MDs Rounds®


An ergonomic mobile solution that allows physicians real-time access to patient’s EHRs and lab results

Real-time access to EHRs
IM (Instant Messaging) between Clinical Staff
Access to physician’s schedules
Editing patient charts on the go
Room ordering, status check and management

The Need:

Allow physicians to access patient records at point-of-care

  • Web based EHR Solutions limiting data entry only at certain points
  • Poor Patient engagement due to lack to right information at right moment
  • Low Adoption rates among nurses and practitioners
  • In-efficient paper dependent Clinic Management

Endeavour Solution:

Enabled real-time decision making

  • Mobilized EHRs (solution series) while adhering to HIPAA and HL7 regulations
  • Securely integrated with e-prescription transaction enablers like RxHub and Surescripts
  • Developed a One-Touch workflow solution for ‘practice effectiveness’
  • Implemented a contextual user-experience, to provide unobtrusive support

Client Outcome:

Improved  efficiency and profitability

  • Enabled 60% faster access to documentation, leading to better patient service
  • Increased appointments by 4.5 visits/physician/day owing to a more efficient patient care system
  • Increase in revenue: Generated an ROI of $80,000 per physician per year
  • Simplified Regulatory Compliance (MU2)

See in Action:

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