Remotely Managed Pre-Heating Mobile Solution


An integrated suite of solution to help the manufacturer provide product management services via mobile and ease the process

24/7 remote management with M2M connectivity
Internal and external temperature comparison, displays battery status and allows setting up of the warm up timer
Real time updates with low-level hardware API’s
Alerts with Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) implementation
Option to update profile picture with either camera or gallery
Inclusion of contact details of additional recipients for alert services

The Need:

Mobilizing the Control for Heating Products

  • Enabling anytime-anywhere control of preheating systems with mobile devices
  • Enabling 24/7 remote management with M2M connectivity
  • Enhancing the functionality of the remote management solution

Endeavour Solution:

Built a comprehensive remote management solution for round the clock connectivity

  • Secure integration with DEFA products like Smartbase (a car preheating system), DigiHeat 8 (a room electrical heating system) and Orion 700 systems (multi-zone controller for zone-controlled heating
  • Integration with third party weather forecaster “”
  • Provided Rule based messaging and alert notifications
  • Enabled 24/7 remote management with M2M connectivity allowing users to compare outside and inside temperatures, view battery status and set pick-up timer

Client Outcome:

Taking accessibility to new levels with a fully remotely managed solution

  • Extended reach with the mobile solution serving 10,000+ customers
  • Increased efficiency with adoption of latest technologies like M2M
  • Increased customer satisfaction with enhanced features such as temperature comparison, battery status viewer, pick-up timer

See in Action:

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