Energy Monitoring Solution which helped reduce electricity consumption by 50%


An energy monitoring mobile solution for a Power Cooperative in Texas who won eMeter 2011 Customer Engagement Award

Simple navigation
Energy Tracker
Understand the carbon impact of energy consumption
Power Outage Viewer
Set up energy and outage alerts
PayConnexions Payment Gateway

The Need:

Pay bills, track energy use

  • Envision a web to mobile strategy of a solution to pay bills, monitor energy costs, manage accounts and report outages
  • Extend the Net Energy Market solution to a scalable mobile solution
  • Provide quick access to energy consumption statistics

Endeavour Solution:

Efficient energy monitoring

  • Integrated with third party systems such as Energy Engage from eMeter
  • Incorporated a Payment Gateway using PayConnexions
  • Enabled end-to-end mobile integration with SAP backend systems
  • Facilitated hourly consumption monitoring and notification for power outages

Client Outcome:

Reduction in electricity consumption by 50%

  • Enhanced reach with the mobile solution serving 81,000 customers
  • Increased efficiency by reducing electricity consumption by 50%
  • Quick access to energy consumption statistics with hourly monitoring capabilities
  • Increased customer satisfaction with the convenience of a payment gateway for online payments

See in Action:

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