Helped a Technology Company Develop a Mobile Solution to Mitigate Distracted Driving Risks on the Road


Success Story

Architected an MDM platform for 10n2 that mitigates risks associated with distracted driving using remote implementation of safe driving policies, resulting in higher road safety. The cloud-based infrastructure deployment assured scalability and accounted for device diversity.

The solution does not allow users to text or use certain applications while driving.
Anthony Young,

Owner,Gasshead Inc.

Endeavour Value Add

  • Customized the Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform for; Remote implementation of safe driving policies, Location and time-zone based access control, Reporting and rule based messages and alert notifications
  • Developed a cloud-based (Amazon EC2) extendible infrastructure for; Provisioning of device builds, clustering and load balancing for scalability
  • Established a UDP Protocol between client and server for faster, sporadic and low volume data transmission

Client Outcome

  • Mitigated risks associated with distracted driving, resulting in higher road safety
  • Increased reliability and reduced failover with the cloud based infrastructure
  • Improved efficiency with on-device testing for real-time simulation of driving conditions

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