Mobile Brand Building Platform


An innovative solution to help the aircraft manufacturer connect with its customers and augment the customer experience

Image gallery with a snapshot of both generic and technical information for the entire aircraft range
Thumbnail view of the gallery with download option for selected images
Image tags and subcategories for easy sorting
Offline access with optimized memory management
Font size adjustments as per preference
Social sharing of events via mail, SMS and social media

The Need:

Redefining the customer touch points

  • Build a mobile application that augmented customer-experience
  • Provide specific information to customers through a combination of images, blog articles, historical information and other services provided by Boeing
  • Allow social and e-mail sharing of content

Endeavour Solution:

Built a single source comprehensive platform for information access

  • Consolidated information source on history, Commercial Aviation Services (CAS), stock and latest news
  • Laid down a middle-layer strategy to help safeguard and retrieve required information at any given point of time
  • Memory management measures to retain large volumes of data in offline mode
  • Data-security measures were implemented
  • Data pruning mechanism was laid out and rules were set for data usage and retrieval

Client Outcome:

Tapping the full potential through a personalized communication channel

  • Improved customer satisfaction by opening up a channel for interaction with the customers
  • Widened the potential customer – base and enhanced brand awareness with social integrations
  • Enhanced brand value through a highly engaging and relevant content delivery system

See in Action:

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