Architected a  Mobile Innovation Centre For HP Leveraging Next-Gen Mobile Technologies


Implemented a state-of-the-art mobile innovation centre, leveraging technologies such as QR codes, augmented reality and speech recognition among others, to provide enhanced customer-experience to HP customers, while exploring mobile use-cases, prototypes and POCs of HP products.

The mobile innovation center for HP enabled them to innovate and build new mobile solutions for their customers.

Endeavour Value Add

  • Established MIC (Mobile Innovation Center) to enable mobile technology adoption
    • Setting up processes for Ideation, Innovation, Validation and Production
    • Demonstrating through POC and user prototypes
    • Intuitive and interactive interface design based on user behavior
  • Enterprise App store to validate the mobile use cases within the organization
  • Productization of selective mobile use cases for market rollout
  • Key Mobility Innovations as part of HP MIC
    • Voice to Text Recognition Implementation
    • Implementation of Accelerometers ( Shake to Speak)
    • Image recognition through IQ engines, Google goggles and others

Client Outcome

  • Enhanced customer awareness with the inclusion of the mobile channel providing product details to customers
  • Enhanced customer buying experience with latest technologies like Voice to Text Recognition, Accelometers (Shake to Speak), Image recognition and more

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