Unified Data Management and Factory Automation Solution


An integrated and standardized interface enabling the manufacturer to gain real time visibility into the supply chain process

Unified application layer connecting disparate systems
Real time monitoring with the unified data set
Definition of key metrics for stakeholder control
End to end connected information network
Simplified app routing and tracking with Microsoft .NET framework
Real time decision making impacting actual factory operations

The Need:

Redefining Supply Chain Management System

  • Develop a single application layer that could interact with an array of disparate management systems across their factories
  • Unify data and allow mobile access for users in real-time
  • Provide real-time visibility and key metrics to help managers control factory operations while on the move

Endeavour Solution:

Built a unified mobile solution for information mobility and supply chain visibility

  • Strategy definition and opportunity assessment to ensure prioritization of long term and short term visions
  • Designed solution architecture enabling the identification of business and technological gaps
  • Featured the .NET framework to simplify the routing and tracking of applications and other factory systems
  • Enabled business managers to monitor factory output, throughput, and work -in –progress levels , in real time

Client Outcome:

Transparency and efficiency in the supply chain process with a unified management solution

  • Enabled the stakeholders to fetch and analyze real-time trends, thereby enhancing supply change visibility
  • Instrumental in Dell’s ability to globalize through information mobility and application access
  • Allowed initiation of corrective actions via remote capabilities to connect with factory databases

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