News App Rated #1 on iTunes


A mobile application for a leading satire news publication which shot up in no time to become the #1 news app on iTunes

Shake for News
Offline content access to saved posts/articles
Social Media Sharing
Access to Archives
Simple and easy to navigate layout
E-mail Sharing

The Need:

America's Finest News Source app

  • Develop a mobile platform for their satirical news network with social sharing capability
  • Provide offline content access to saved posts/articles

Endeavour Solution:

Revolutionary yet simple interface

  • Enabled gesture-based (e.g. shaking the phone) functionality to fetch latest content
  • Integrated to the mainstream news network for access to video feeds
  • Implemented support for rich, dynamic content – provided enhanced user-experience
  • Integrated social and e-mail sharing
  • Enabled aesthetically rich UI with accessibility features

Client Outcome:

News App Rated #1 on iTunes

  • Allowed users to access content from The Onion, while on the move
  • Improved user-visits substantially –
    • 250k+ downloads in just 6 weeks after the launch
    • Rated as the No.1 news app , after its launch on iTunes

See in Action:

Check the appstore

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