Built a Mortgage Processing Application For a Leading Realty Company


SolutionStar provides comprehensive asset management from the foreclosure sale through final closing and funding. They selected Endeavour as their mobility partner to build an online residential real estate service for their investors and homebuyers, and include nationwide auction and real estate owned listings

Endeavour Value Add

  • Enabled data capture to allow submission of documents from mobile device
  • Facilitated bulk order upload through .CSV files
  • Synced with United States Postal service records to validate the address in the requested order file with Address resolution system
  • Integrated system with the Public records data and enabled Geo coding/Geo tagging
  • Monitored processing time, by defining and monitoring time taken for each action

Client Outcome

  • Increased ease and accuracy of data by empowering applicants and brokers to submit documents directly from their mobile device
  • Improved productivity of the broker by triggering an SLA clock to monitor processing time, from the time an order is assigned to the broker
  • Reduced time takento upload files with bulk order uploads
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by providing higher visibility and security with records validation

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