Mobile-Enabled The Corporate Intranet For an MNC Dealing With Pharmaceutical and CPG Products


Success Story

Endeavour's mandate was to build a mobile digital marketing strategy using latest mobile trends and technology to enhance client’s online media presence by mobile enabling client's entire web portfolio of 300+ web sites. Endeavour’s specialist consulting team helped client in realizing its mobility vision and provided the much needed clarity by not only providing the strategy and methods for mobile enabling existing sites, but also by proposing a roadmap to weave mobility into their web site development process, so that future sites are mobile enabled from day one with minimal effort and cost.

Endeavour Value Add

  • Designed and developed a middleware to interact with the SharePoint environment
  • The middleware was designed in such a manner that it could be deployed outside the SharePoint environment
  • Ensured data security using https protocol

Client Outcome

  • Provided swifter and remote access to vital data
  • Empowered employees to take critical actions while on the move
  • Strengthened the data-sharing and access protocols

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