Mobile-Enabled Home Security Platform

An integrated suite of solution s to enable remote monitoring and management of home security systems with M2M connectivity

Remote access to security keypads
Streaming of live video feeds with 24/7 recording
Control of lights, alarms, doors and thermostats
Editing and sharing of videos via email
Alerts and notifications
Support for multiple languages like English, French and Spanish

The Need:

Mobile enabling the control and management of security systems

  • Define a mobility roadmap for its security platform
  • Mobile-enable security and home automation products such as security panels, keypads, CCTV, lighting, heating and home appliances
  • Implement M2M (Machine to Machine) connectivity leveraging Z- wave technology

Endeavour Solution:

Built an integrated suite of mobile solutions for an always on connectivity with the security systems

  • Defined product roadmap and strategy for mobile-enabled integrated home security platform
  • Integrated with hardware systems to enable live security feeds with 24/7 recording
  • Mobile enabled: Turn on/off lights and alarms; lock/unlock doors; set thermostats or moods/scenes, view local and remote video, access email messages, video clips, alerts, remote monitoring and control
  • Enabled a consistent brand experience on the mobile platform

Client Outcome:

Tapping the full potential through the mobile security platform

  • Extended reach with the solution providing access to more than 10 million users worldwide
  • Increased efficiency with adoption of latest technologies like M2M
  • Increased ROI with a year-on-year increase of 9.3% and an estimated revenue of $17 billion in 2014

See in Action:

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