Cloud enabling solutions and services through Cloud Transformation Agents (Accelerators, Aggregators and Integrators)

It has been rightly observed by Forrester that Cloud Computing is accelerating the shift of skills requirement within enterprises from technology to Business. Organizations are recognizing that Cloud Computing has the potential to empower organizations from all corners to deliver innovation and drive positive change.

Endeavour’s Cloud Transformation Agents (CTAs) are strong, single-purpose components that are designed to provide the required impetus to IT leaders for fast enablement of business processes on the cloud while ensuring end-to-end security management and control.

Endeavour’s Cloud Transformation Agents (CTAs) help in rapidly and economically building, migrating and managing cloud-based applications so that they are secure, available, scalable, efficient and comply with cloud computing standards and protocols.

Cloud Computing Solutions and Services


  • Faster Go to Market and operational efficiency achievement
  • Ready Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduced Development Cost and Maintenance Requirement
  • Reduction in Operational Cost
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