Endeavour's Common Application Platform (EnCAP)

EnCAP is Endeavour's proprietary cross-platform app development framework that provides businesses the ability to fast track the development and deployment of multi-platform apps, by generating native code based on provided schema.

Serving as a complete package, EnCAP helps businesses overcome significant duplication of effort in building native apps for each platform. In addition to providing hassle-free deployments that speed up application development and help our customers go-to-market with new features faster, EnCAP offers the added flexibility of easy customizations without making changes to the standard code base.

How it Works

The EnCAP framework creates native platform codes for various platforms and helps generate the data layer between the mobile app and the server.
Developers only need to write the Business Logic in Java once. EnCAP provides authored translators to convert the code to respective platforms. However, a separate presentation (UI) layer needs to be maintained for each platform.
EnCAP also provides the capability of offline storage of data on the device with synchronization capabilities.

EnCAP Feature Highlights

Flexible and Scalable

  • Everything in pure native code, making changes to the code a lot easier
  • Reusable controller logic across all mobile applications with a similar user interface
  • No binding to the framework, providing developers greater flexibility


  • OS version agnostic, allowing for quick and easy upgrades
  • One-time development effort for the business layer

No Dependencies and Binding Obligations

  • Domain logic built using java without any technology or framework dependency
  • Not coupled with technology enabling ease in porting to other languages including C# and Objective C

Code Generator

Repository Client Side SQL code Generation Tool

  • Centeralizing data logic
  • Providing a substitution point for the unit tests
  • Providing a flexible architecture that can be adapted as the over all design for the application evolves

Code Converter Overview

Domain and Controller Logic

The domain hosts the application logic which implements the business rules and policies and thereby ensures seamless processing, transformation, retrieval and management of application data.

The controller logic is also a reusable component, not coupled with the infrastructure logic.

Both Domain and Controller logic are built using plain Java without any technology or framework dependencies. There is no pairing with any technology which greatly simplifies the porting of the code to other languages like C# and objective C.

Business Impact and Benefits

Rapid Application Development

  • Significant cost savings of 60 – 70% in terms of code reusability
  • No device based pricing or platform licensing fees
  • Rapid application development for timely delivery and faster time-to-market
  • Advanced access to device and platform capabilities
  • Seamless integration and full control on the app
  • Designed to support upcoming software versions
  • Full control and flexibility of adding new functionality
  • No future framework dependencies and lockout from SDKs, as it provides access to Native code
  • Quick and easy upgrade process and Native look and feel

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