Energy and Utilities

The Energy and Utilities industry is in a state of tumult, owing to regulatory uncertainties and the immense pressure from being put under the microscope for environmental violations. Energy and Utility leaders are evaluating new business models which can help them reinvent themselves. They are also taking a long, hard look at their existing supply channels, pricing structure, energy resources and capital investments. It is clear that Energy and Utility organizations must implement technology solutions that will allow them to address supply and consumption challenges and at the same time, reduce the costs and risks involved with their trade.

Here’s how Endeavour can help Energy and Utility companies become Digital Ready:

Endeavour’s suite of solution offerings can help improve how Energy and Utility companies operate and communicate; by bringing down the walls around data silos that restrict the flow of communication and allowing operators to exchange information in real-time. Our technology and domain experts can aid in the adoption of digital solutions that provide real-time asset and personnel performance data and powerful analytics on consumption patterns.

Our well-defined ecosystem of platforms, frameworks and partners can help tackle cyber-security challenges, leverage the IoT (Internet of Things), build mobile applications that increase customer loyalty and most importantly, present them with actionable insights that will help cut operational costs.

Our Digital Plant solutions provide end-to-end services helping Energy and Utility companies:

  • Increase efficiency by optimizing supply chains and enhancing asset utilization
  • Refine business processes to reduce operational costs and maximize ROI
  • Integrate social media and mobility solutions, manage and analyze Big Data information

Our key digital offerings for the Energy and Utilities sector include:

  • Strategic Consulting
    Consultation services by domain and industry experts to assess the current state of the organization, identify potential gaps and suggest a suitable model to adapt existing web and IT assets to new age devices and technology.
  • Dashboards and Workflows
    Advanced analytics models and BI to provide better insights for decision making. Dashboards to display plant-inventory, spare parts and resources in real- time. Instant mobile access to business and employee workflows and capabilities to approve/reject plans instantly.
  • Tracking and Monitoring
    Mobile tools to track and verify project progress with photos,digital signatures and GPS locations. Analytics to track consumers on energy consumption and payment patterns.
  • Managed Service Platform
    Increase productivity and efficiency of field teams by seamlessly integrating mobile and cloud services to offer service engineers anytime, anywhere access to business critical information via mobile devices.
  • Quality Assurance and Inspection
    Collaborative tools and checklists of tasks to be carried out by service engineers to avoid missing critical details. Inspection guidelines, safety and quality assurance specifications for better visibility and improved productivity.
Singapore Power

Improved productivity for a leading provider of gas transmission/distribution services in Asia

We created a mobile enabled workflow tool for reimbursement and overtime claims, leave applications and room bookings, and enriched it with features like on-the-go verification of claim status and cross-platform support.

Client Outcomes: Increased employee satisfaction with anytime, anywhere access to workflows, easy-to-use solution.


Increased scale and reach for a large power distribution cooperative in Texas

We envisioned a mobile strategy to extend the net energy market solution on a mobile platform and developed energy monitoring tool integrated with SAP backend systems to facilitate hourly power consumption monitoring and instant power outage notifications.

Client Outcomes: Mobile solution serving 81,000 customers, reduced energy consumption by 50% with proper monitoring.