Mobile Strategy Service

Our consultants assess Enterprise Mobile Maturity and help in addressing strategic mobility needs of the organization at all levels

We partner with organizations to assess their mobile-readiness and help them prepare themselves, before they set out on their journey to being a ‘Mobile First’ organization.

During the Mobility Opportunity Assessment (MOA) process, an EM3 Model (Enterprise Mobility Maturity Model) is applied to categorize the enterprise into Void, Exploratory, Intermediate and Expert areas, depending upon the current state of mobility in the enterprise.

Thereafter, we help in their transformation towards creating a future-proof organization, through continuous improvement following the Run - Sustain – Innovate framework.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy Services

Consulting Team

Endeavour’s Consulting team has been helping leading global enterprises with their business transformation initiatives at the intersection of business and technology.

Strategic Capabilities

  • Architecture & Technology Infrastructure
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Development and Middleware Strategy
  • Device & Device Management
  • Application Management
  • User Experience Framework
  • IT Services Management (ITSM)
  • Architecture & Technology Infrastructure

    Our experts help you plan the technology infrastructure needs for enterprise mobility implementations, based on criteria like:

    • Buy vs Build ( Standard MADP, MEAP vs Custom MADP, MEAP, middleware development)
    • Synchronization of heterogeneous enterprise data sources
    • Mobile Device Management and App Deployment/Distribution tools
    • Data Security
    • Mobile solution optimization and sustainability
  • Regulatory Compliance

    Our consulting engagements have helped many of the world's top companies, across industries like Healthcare, Banking and Insurance. Our experts can help you:

    • Evaluate and plan your Regulatory Compliance
    • Comply with regulations regarding data privacy and encryption
    • Ensure your Mobility Initiatives are aligned to evolving Industry Regulatory Standards such as HIPPA, FDA, HL7 and others
    • Enhance your organization's responsiveness in this highly competitive environment
  • Mobile Security Management

    Mobility experts at Endeavour can help you answer the important questions about mobile data security, such as:

    • Which mobile devices will we support?
    • How will information be accessed?
    • What is the risk profile of my potential users?
    • How can we be proactive to protect our information?
    • Which security mechanisms are appropriate for my applications?
  • Development and Middleware Strategy

    Our mobile middleware approach provides a common technology for building applications that run on many mobile devices and access the back-end database. This approach also provides common tools for:

    • Right-sizing the application development and its cost
    • Extensive device compatibility
    • Group policy application management
    • Remote configuration and control
    • Uniform Security Control
  • Device & Device Management

    Endeavour's MDM expert team helps the enterprise put together a plan to manage the devices, deploy mobile solutions on enterprise devices, manage data security and provide support. Some of the focused MDM services include:

    • Mobile device & system management
    • Mobile service management
    • Mobile sourcing & logistics management
    • Mobile software management
    • Mobile financial management
    • Mobile program and financial management

    Endeavour experts recommend the right MDM solution based on the needs of the enterprise. Some of the recommended MDM solutions include AirWatch, BoxTone, and Mobile Iron.

  • Application Management

    Endeavour has provided technology assistance to may enterprises to help them tackle the challenges faced when deciding to build or buy a MADP/MEAP/MDM solution. Endeavour experts help you across all stages of application management:

    • Evaluates the current technology landscape of the enterprise and recommends the right solution for building the enterprise mobile apps
    • Based on the right fit, whether to build a custom MADP/MEAP or to buy an off-the-shelf solution available in the market
    • In case of an off-the-shelf solution, Endeavour evaluates the best in the market based on the enterprise needs
    • Ensures end to end integration in the technology infrastructure

    Some of the key players Endeavour works with include AMP Chroma, SAP Mobile Platform, Kony Mobile Platform, and IBM Worklight.

  • User Experience Framework

    Endeavour's Mobile UX Design approach is different from the usual user experience, as it takes into account the form factor of the device, ensure usage of device capabilities and last but not the least, the human contact aspect. Endeavour's UX approach comprises of following aspects:

    • UI Design (User interface Design): The User Interface Design exhibits our understanding of needs and wants of the user from a mobile application. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the desirability, adaptability and usability of the mobile solution
    • Primary Design Testing: Primary design testing plays a critical role in ensuring the usability and desirability of the mobile solution matches the user's expectations from the mobile solution.
    • UI Specifications: The UI specifications play a crucial role in building the right understanding and expectations from the final mobile solution. This spec document ensures synchronization between the developer and UX designer.
  • IT Services Management (ITSM)

    Endeavour ITSM suite of services provides a unified platform for helping IT departments become diverse and integrated across a wide range of technologies. It helps organizations go beyond traditional and manual processes that do not effectively support planning and scheduling across IT operations. ITSM helps automate processes with the help of mobility and analytic insights into the IT service management processes. Endeavour's IT Services Management helps you with:

    • Automation of ITSM processes designed around leading industry best practices
    • From strategy to process design and implementation: Total Process Revamp
    • Time savings through automation of various service management components
    • Immaculate cloud service management to adjust to the ever-changing cloud environment-cloud control, cloud automation and cloud governance

Industry Expertise


Improved patient health for a leading healthcare provider

We delivered a modular, chronic disease management platform integrated with a patient’s Electronic Health Records for anytime, anywhere access to personalized real-time coaching, clinical analysis and social engagement with family or community of caregivers