Digital has been one of the pillars on which high-tech industries have continued to erect a platform for constant ingenuity and development of sustainable solutions. But never before has its role been more critical, as it is today, when the sector is faced with challenges like - inability to shrink product lifecycles, lack of visibility into supply and performance, failure to streamline vendor-supplier interactions and complexity in managing costs. Disruptive digital technologies such as Mobile, Cloud and Analytics are the need of the hour; these technologies have facilitated cutting-edge research and the deployment of state-of-the-art products and services across industries.

Here’s how Endeavour can help you achieve the full potential of The Digital Business

Today’s consumer leads a highly digital-lifestyle and they expect brands to keep pace with them. Enterprises are restructuring their existing business models to allow digital to seep into every aspect of their organizational make-up. Endeavour can not only help you stay attuned to the pulse of the customer, but also allow your brand to scale its operations, improve profitability, manage reputation and cater to the market demands. Our suite of mobile cloud and analytics solutions can equip your business with solutions that will help you make business decisions in real-time and make process-improvements on the fly. Our technology experts will partner with you to help you implement the required digital infrastructure to drive and sustain profitability.

Our key solution offerings for the High-Tech industry include

  • Product Conceptualization
    Product Conceptualization – Proof-of-concepts and use case definition to aid in the development of new products and improve time-to-market.
  • Device Management
    Real-time, remote device management with single sign-on capabilities across hardware and software thereby improving overall efficiency.
  • Product Engineering
    Cross-product connectivity and interoperability, product architecting,system integration, prototype testing and regulatory compliance to improve consistency and standardization.

Mitigated risks associated with distracted driving for a mobile device technology company

We built a mobile-cloud platform for seamless management of mobile devices while driving and used analytics to improve efficiency with on-device testing for real-time simulation of driving conditions. The application automatically disables the user interface when the speed of the vehicle is above a threshold limit.

Client Outcomes: Ensuring higher road and driver safety thereby reducing the number of accidents. Scalable and flexible solution.


Turned homes, offices and vehicles into a fully responsive environment for a leading automation firm

We built a dashboard application for complete remote management of cars that provides control over the car alarm, warm-up settings and temperature and even monitors the voltage levels of the battery using an intuitive interface. We also built a home and office automation application to with multiple temperature control settings for each room and added several exciting features.

Client Outcomes: Energy saving and security with real-time remote monitoring, seamless integration with a number of connected devices.


Value-added feature for the world’s leading premium automobile manufacturer

We built a Smart Drive dashboard application for the Smart Car that turns a smartphone into a connected information and multimedia system and integrated all important features needed while driving into a single application; listening to music, turn-by-turn navigation, finding parking spots, analyzing driving patterns and in-vehicle telephony.

Client Outcomes: Reduced manufacturing costs of building dashboard cluster, ease of adding new features with simple software upgrades, increased brand-value with a smart, connected device.


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