Lifecycle Management


Helping CIOs and IT leaders gain greater control and governability over their cloud ecosystems

Cloud and Mobile are both in an evolutionary phase and so are user expectations. In such a scenario, it has become more important than ever, to track and optimize complex cloud applications.

Endeavour’s Cloud management and optimization services are structured to offer

Cloud management and optimization services

This is accomplished through a combination of services that include:

  • Application Management: Monitoring, managing and tuning applications, to enable high availability, usability and response time per transaction
  • Security: Monitoring and managing security challenges, covering all aspects of data security, identity and access management, physical security, and mobile device management
  • Platform Management: Automated set of tools that are ‘chained’ together to deliver changes, to monitor and optimize the cloud infrastructure based on the business needs
  • Infrastructure Management: Facilitating a platform that will increase the level of dynamic flexibility and portability that will take your cloud computing strategy to the next level, through our partner networks