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The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation caused by an upsurge of global competition. Increasing consumer expectations and rising social awareness have triggered a sequence of events in the supply chain ecosystem of manufacturers, retailers and distributors. In order to remain viable, manufacturers must shorten production cycles and improve time-to-market, distributors must reduce delivery times to meet the demand, and retailers must sell faster to remain competitive. With the changing dynamics, the modernization of manufacturing companies with the adoption of digital technologies could provide valuable operational insights.

How Endeavour can help you stay competitive in the changing manufacturing marketplace

While the task of incorporating digital technologies in a traditional manufacturing setup may seem demanding, Endeavour domain experts can help you overcome these challenges and ensure a seamless transition. Our agile and powerful solutions in mobile, cloud and analytics act as a lynchpin to catapult your business into the new generation of work. With proven expertise in the manufacturing industry, our solutions can help you reduce costs, improve time-to-market, optimize inventory and supply chain to meet consumer demands and increase profits.

Some of our key solution offerings include:

  • Smart Factory
    Optimization of operations for improved performance and productivity on the plant floor. Standardized application layer to connect disparate systems using mobile devices and digital technologies for stronger supply chain visibility and remote management and control of the factory floor.
  • Plant Analytics
    Predictive maintenance to reduce machine down-time and improve productivity. Access to real-time trends by fetching and analyzing data, data scaling to visualize trends and remote capabilities to connect with factory databases with simple and easy to configure server components.
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)
    Machine-to-machine (M2M) – Z-wave technology for connectivity between mobiles and connected devices for remote access and automation, for use across industries including: automobiles, home automation devices, home security, safety and comfort products.
  • Internet of Things (IoT):
    Real-time monitoring and automation of processes to business efficiencies, connected ecosystem of services to save costs and improve time-to- market. Value-added services on products with smarter, connected devices to delight customers and increase revenues.

Improved control of factory operations for a technology services giant

We built a real-time factory automation and visibility solution ‘mSimplicity’, to unify disparate management systems across Dell’s factories with remote mobile device access and control. The solution strengthened supply chain visibility and provided end-to-end connection on the factory floor. We integrated analytics to visualize trends and initiate corrective actions remotely.

Client Outcomes: Increased productivity with better monitoring of total factory output, throughput and work-in-progress levels. Increased visibility and control for better decision making resulting in significant cost savings.


Enhanced product features with M2M connectivity for a leading security firm

We extended the suite of security products onto a mobile platform to enable real-time remote access to security panels, keypads, CCTV cameras and home automation devices, allowing users to watch live security feeds on their mobile devices. We used Z-wave technology to enable M2M (Machine-to-Machine) connectivity to remotely operate lights, alarms, doors and thermostats.

Client Outcomes: Increased ROI at 9.3 percent each year amounting to $17 billion in 2014, improved brand and product perception and value.


Enhanced the brand value of a leading aircraft manufacturer

We created a personalized communication channel optimized for mobile devices, with social sharing capabilities that provides specific insights to their customers on aircraft models, services, updates and company history. We enabled several exciting features including blogs, image galleries, technical and historical information and a news section.

Client Outcomes: Extended reach and awareness of the aircraft manufacturer to a larger consumer base.