Health and Life Sciences

Digital transformation in the Healthcare industry is vital to creating a sustainable model that embraces new methods of providing care and refining the quality of care. Advancements in digital services have the potential to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and healthcare consumers and create an ecosystem of connected services. Innovations such as the digitization of medical records offer higher accuracy while providing doctors and medical centers anytime, anywhere access to a patient’s medical history. Traditional healthcare systems are rapidly being replaced with a host of new devices and technology to create a significant impact on accuracy of patient information, cost of operations, transparency in the quality of care and accountability of healthcare organizations.

How Endeavour’s Connected Healthcare Solutions can help you deliver high-quality care

Social and Mobile

Endeavour’s solution offerings provide a holistic experience by integrating a host of new devices with social channels. Our mHealth solutions allow healthcare providers to stay connected with a community of healthcare experts and seamlessly exchange information using their mobile devices. We help healthcare providers with their social-networking initiatives and loyalty programs.


Endeavour’s Big Data analytics and DEPP analytical models provide healthcare organizations detailed impressions of their patients and offer deep insights, allowing them to tailor their services to better-suit the needs of their patients. Our analytics experts and data scientists analyze complex sets of information and help healthcare organizations get smarter by reducing operational costs, providing preventive care to patients based on past data and reduce the need for hospitalization.


Our offerings in Cloud technologies provide a safe and secure digital hub for hospitals and medical facilities to host information, thereby allowing doctors and patients remote access to information and health records. Endeavour’s cloud infrastructure services are continuously improved to ensure they remain cost-effective.

Endeavour’s Connected Health Solutions

At Endeavour, we help connect people, technology and care providers to create a patient-centric environment of care. Our suite of healthcare solution offerings include:
  • Remote Health Monitoring
    Remote patient and device management solutions, remote consultation services and clinical decision support and analytics tools
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) and exchanges
    Anytime, anywhere access to patient health-records and social engagement with community of caregivers.
  • Healthcare Analytics and BI
    Identify high cost - high risk patients, analyze gaps in patient care to assess treatment types (attentive / preventative), risk of re-admission, streamline gaps in processes and optimize operations costs
  • Digital Patient Solution
    Simplify appointment booking process, coordinate and follow-up planning and digital discharge
  • Endeavour’s Google Glass Healthcare window
    Increase staff efficiency, improve workflow accuracy, retrieve EHRs, monitor vitals, take point-of-view videos and photos; without ever having to take your eyes off the patient
  • Endeavour’s Beacon Management Platform
    Indoor mapping to provide patients and their families access to important information within the premises of a medical center or hospital
  • Hospital Management System (HMS)
    Access to information on patient records, claims,benefits, comparison of costs with quality of care, patient registration and staff management
  • Continued Medical Education (CME)
    Continued Medical Education (CME) – One-of-a-kind series of applications for healthcare practitioners to stay up-to-date with current news related to different chronic disease sectors and assess their skills and familiarity with various industry topics
Enterprise Healthcare Mobile Application Development

Enhanced patient care for a leading healthcare provider

We delivered a modular, chronic disease management platform integrated with a patient’s Electronic Health Records for anytime, anywhere access to personalized real-time coaching, clinical analysis and social engagement with family or community of caregivers

Client Outcomes: 92% active users, 75% conversion rate for new sign-ons, 2% drop in patient’s blood glucose (A1C) levels.

Enterprise Healthcare Mobile Application Development

Improved doctor-patient communication for a leading cancer research institute

We built a mobile patient application providing cancer patients and their families access to important information within the center premises using indoor mapping. We also mobilized the center’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) and simplified the appointment booking process.

Client Outcomes: Enhanced level of care for patients, better support system network for patients undergoing treatments.

Boston Scientific

Improved sales for a leading medical equipment manufacturer

We empowered the sales teams by replacing laptops with tablet devices and integrating it with cloud hosted content delivery networks (CDN) to enable real-time access to content anytime, anywhere.

Client Outcomes: 40% higher win rates, 25% time-savings for each sales representative.

Almost Family

Improved patent-information for a Home Nursing, Rehabilitation and Personal Care provider

We mobile enabled the Clinical and Business Management software (CLASS) and integrated it with a series of applications like Mobile Point-of-Care (mPoC) and Mobile Account Management (mAM).

Client Outcomes: App used by 10,000+ field clinicians, easy access to information anytime, anywhere.