Financial Services

Financial Services

It is no secret that the Banking and Financial Services sector has been in turmoil over the recent past owing to various changes in regulatory policies and other macro-economic factors, and it is now turning to newer disruptive technologies to help it get back on its feet. One such technology that banks are aligning its business strategy with is SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud). Adopting SMAC does not require banks to undergo an overhaul of their current operating model - SMAC stacks can in fact supplement existing banking systems.

How Endeavour can help your business fortify its business capabilities using SMAC

Endeavour can give your business a competitive edge, allowing you to take a data-driven approach to understanding your customer’s emerging needs, and in the process, augment your Financial Inclusion and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives. Our Financial Services experts have a deep understanding of financial regulations, security needs, and trends to help your company create the most useful, user friendly, and secure mobile banking applications.

Drawing from 12+ years of rich experience in developing Mobility Solutions for Fortune 500 organizations,Endeavour brings to the table a unique blend of social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions, that is both cost effective and adds value to the enterprise. We can help you tweak your incumbent strategies to help you adapt to the increased adoption of social media, smartphones and other next-gen technologies. We help our customers provide easier access to banking services and better customer service; thereby creating an opportunity to upsell, reduce operational costs and broaden reach.

We have categorized our service offerings for the BFSI sector into four broad areas of expertise:

  • Social Mining
    For a multi-dimensional approach to engage with customers. Endeavour’s social media solutions can help you map customer lifecycles, stay abreast of emerging customer trends, breed brand loyalty and generate leads for your sales-force. We will integrate social media into your mobile banking applications, which will allow you to strengthen your enterprise social strategy.
  • Customer Analytics
    To harness the power of Big Data analytics will allow banks to deconstruct large blocks of customer data and analyze the resulting insights, to better understand customer needs and pain-points, and reposition their strategies accordingly. Endeavour can help you decrypt user data and generate customer insights that will help your organization make decisions in real-time.
  • Mobile Banking
    Solutions can add immense value to your existing banking products by enriching customer experience with a cogent mobile app. Endeavour can help your organization design and develop sustainable and scalable commercial mobile banking platforms that are both intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Cloud Enablement
    Cloud computing provides organizations with the flexibility to scale without having to worry about burgeoning costs of storage infrastructure and geographical challenges, nurturing a symbiotic and agile work environment. Endeavour can help your organization build, integrate or manage private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures, or even re-platform your applications in the cloud.

Boosted customer loyalty for a leading bank in Texas

We developed a personal banking solution on a cloud environment for secure access to bank accounts, digitized banking activities including deposits, transfers and payments, derived analytics based on customer profiles and transaction history, and provided a social platform to engage customers.

Client Outcomes: Unprecedented growth in the channel with 34% increase in logins within the first year and 20% digital deposits.

American General

On-the-go solutions for the largest insurance and financial services provider in the US

We partnered with AGL to enable anytime, anywhere business by mobilizing their agent channels, using collaborative capabilities, a rich user interface design, establishing security guidelines, providing a multi-platform flexible, scalable solution and deploying the solution on a private cloud for 10,000+ agents.

Client Outcomes: Increased profitability and better connectivity with on-the-go complex algorithmic calculations and a cost-effective long-term mobile solution with processes for centralized governance, best practices and standard procedures.