Cloud and Mobile App Testing Services
Empowering organizations with centralized testing teams to deal with process, tools and best practices for enhancing testing effectiveness

Endeavour’s Quality Lab (EQuaL), has over the years helped organizations by catering to their application testing needs and helping them improve their IT operations.

Our three-phase evolutionary approach to establishing a Center of Excellence enables clients to minimize the impact on existing demand, mitigate investment risk and maximize value. This process includes:

Initiation: Laying a robust foundation by standardizing testing processes across projects and implementing a defect-removal strategy.

Transformation: We facilitate a testing culture which, through a ‘Testing Driven Development’ approach, ensures that defects are caught earlier in the software-lifecycle.

Optimization: Resources and infrastructure is optimized, by building automation capability and implementing continuous-improvement.


Endeavour's quality assurance and independent verification capabilities include:

  • Functional Testing
  • Black Box and White Box Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load & Regression Testing
  • Test Design and Automation
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Unit, Multi-Unit & System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • User Interface and Usability Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Localization and Internationalization Testing
  • Technical Documentation Testing

Mobile Application Testing is one of the most critical aspects in the development process, which ensures applications perform consistently, across the plethora of mobile devices, platforms, and networks.

The test laboratory at EQuaL thoroughly tests mobile applications in more than 300 mobile devices, across various platforms using advanced automation tools such as Robotium, Selenium etc. to ensure seamless and error free performance.

The Private Virtual Device Cloud helps utilize all devices, networks and Operating Systems to the fullest. An OpenStack based private cloud has added multi-scaled value to our Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment - the regression testing has never been so easy!