Endeavour leverages its decade-long expertise in delivering mobility solutions, driven by cloud and analytics, to help organizations to succeed and achieve their business goals, amidst fierce competition

Endeavour has helped clients from industries across the board, to navigate through times of financial turmoil and volatile marketplace situations, by enabling them to implement cost-effective and scalable mobile, cloud and analytics solutions - bridging the gap between customer satisfaction and customer retention. Our experts leverage their rich domain expertise in delivering digital business transformations services and solutions, to get it right the first time, every time. We bring to the table, an eclectic mix of consulting, design, development and management capabilities, to ensure that our clients gain maximum returns ontheir technology investments.

Enabling care-coordination for healthcare organization
Helping financial service institutions fortify their business
Empowering realty organizations to be digital-ready
Driving digital customer engagement for retail and CPG businesses
Helping high-tech companies to be digital businesses
Enabling manufacturers to maintain their competitive edge through digital
Empowering entertainment and media companies to pioneer digital customer solutions
Enabling energy & utilities companies to offer digital customer service
Guiding public sector organizations through their digital transformation journey

Public Sector and Education

Governments and public sector organizations are exploring various business models, including private-public partnerships, to remain relevant in today’s dynamic market scenario. Globalization is one of the factors leading to the transformation of public sector companies. In the order to improve their services they need to navigate the steady stream of technological innovations and adopt solutions that work for them.

The education industry on the other hand has been reeling under numerous challenges globally – including insubstantial curriculums, lack of proper infrastructure, inept faculty and financial constraints, amongst other things. Strong educational reforms can only be introduced when educational institutions, both public and private, begin to leverage technology to ensure deep-rooted process improvements and game-changing innovations.

How Endeavour can help public sector organizations and educational institutions harness the power of disruptive technologies

Endeavour can help public sector organizations ride the SMAC wave to drive innovation and build credible strategies that can withstand the vulnerability brought about by an economic crisis. We derive strategic planning processes for organizations and institutions by integrating information, communication and operational tasks across multiple domains. Our solutions for Education use the latest innovations in mobile, analytics and cloud to enrich teaching techniques and make learning smarter.

Government and Public Sector solutions

  • Mobile Citizen Connect
    Digitization of citizen-facing services on mobile devices along with social sharing capabilities for information on government and public sector companies, bill payments, complaint handling and resolution tracking.
  • Public Security
    Big Data Analytics and BI tools to identify and analyze security threats,detect fraud and monitor criminal activity. Social media integration for collaborative security measures and mobile solutions for inter-agency information sharing.
  • Public Security
    Big Data Analytics and BI tools to identify and analyze security threats,detect fraud and monitor criminal activity. Social media integration for collaborative security measures and mobile solutions for inter-agency information sharing.
  • Public transit Services
    Maintenance of comprehensive schedules and tracking information for public transportation services including buses, trains and taxis.

Solutions for Education

  • mLearning Initiatives
    Collaborative social media tools for community learning through mobile enabled blogs, wikis, podcasts and screencasts to provide a more dynamic and flexible approach towards teaching and learning.
  • Hosted Solutions
    Data storage, back-ups and collaboration of content and resources for anytime, anywhere access.
  • Academic Analytics
    Critical insights for students and teachers to help in improving the quality of education. Predict student learning abilities and identify weaknesses, measure faculty efficiency and quality of the study material.
Singapore Power

Improved productivity with a workflow tool for a leading public sector company in Asia

We created a mobile enabled workflow tool for reimbursement and overtime claims, leave applications and room bookings, and enriched it with features like on-the-go verification of claim status and cross-platform support.

Client Outcomes: Increased employee satisfaction with anytime, anywhere access to workflows, easy-to-use solution.


Increased collaboration with a knowledge sharing portal for an Academic Institution

We built a single collaborative knowledge-based system that enables interaction and collaboration between different stakeholders in an academic ecosystem viz. students, academic institutes, global coaches and industry participants, leveraging standard workflows.

Client Outcomes: Acted as a detailed communication platform between students and coaches and served as a single repository for student profiles and training plans.



Industrial, Automotive, Aviation and Apparel

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation caused by an upsurge of global competition. Increasing consumer expectations and rising social awareness have triggered a sequence of events in the supply chain ecosystem of manufacturers, retailers and distributors. In order to remain viable, manufacturers must shorten production cycles and improve time-to-market, distributors must reduce delivery times to meet the demand, and retailers must sell faster to remain competitive. With the changing dynamics, the modernization of manufacturing companies with the adoption of digital technologies could provide valuable operational insights.

How Endeavour can help you stay competitive in the changing manufacturing marketplace

While the task of incorporating digital technologies in a traditional manufacturing setup may seem demanding, Endeavour domain experts can help you overcome these challenges and ensure a seamless transition. Our agile and powerful solutions in mobile, cloud and analytics act as a lynchpin to catapult your business into the new generation of work. With proven expertise in the manufacturing industry, our solutions can help you reduce costs, improve time-to-market, optimize inventory and supply chain to meet consumer demands and increase profits.

Some of our key solution offerings include:

  • Smart Factory
    Optimization of operations for improved performance and productivity on the plant floor. Standardized application layer to connect disparate systems using mobile devices and digital technologies for stronger supply chain visibility and remote management and control of the factory floor.
  • Plant Analytics
    Predictive maintenance to reduce machine down-time and improve productivity. Access to real-time trends by fetching and analyzing data, data scaling to visualize trends and remote capabilities to connect with factory databases with simple and easy to configure server components.
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)
    Machine-to-machine (M2M) – Z-wave technology for connectivity between mobiles and connected devices for remote access and automation, for use across industries including: automobiles, home automation devices, home security, safety and comfort products.
  • Internet of Things (IoT):
    Real-time monitoring and automation of processes to business efficiencies, connected ecosystem of services to save costs and improve time-to- market. Value-added services on products with smarter, connected devices to delight customers and increase revenues.

Improved control of factory operations for a technology services giant

We built a real-time factory automation and visibility solution ‘mSimplicity’, to unify disparate management systems across Dell’s factories with remote mobile device access and control. The solution strengthened supply chain visibility and provided end-to-end connection on the factory floor. We integrated analytics to visualize trends and initiate corrective actions remotely.

Client Outcomes: Increased productivity with better monitoring of total factory output, throughput and work-in-progress levels. Increased visibility and control for better decision making resulting in significant cost savings.


Enhanced product features with M2M connectivity for a leading security firm

We extended the suite of security products onto a mobile platform to enable real-time remote access to security panels, keypads, CCTV cameras and home automation devices, allowing users to watch live security feeds on their mobile devices. We used Z-wave technology to enable M2M (Machine-to-Machine) connectivity to remotely operate lights, alarms, doors and thermostats.

Client Outcomes: Increased ROI at 9.3 percent each year amounting to $17 billion in 2014, improved brand and product perception and value.


Enhanced the brand value of a leading aircraft manufacturer

We created a personalized communication channel optimized for mobile devices, with social sharing capabilities that provides specific insights to their customers on aircraft models, services, updates and company history. We enabled several exciting features including blogs, image galleries, technical and historical information and a news section.

Client Outcomes: Extended reach and awareness of the aircraft manufacturer to a larger consumer base.



Digital has been one of the pillars on which high-tech industries have continued to erect a platform for constant ingenuity and development of sustainable solutions. But never before has its role been more critical, as it is today, when the sector is faced with challenges like - inability to shrink product lifecycles, lack of visibility into supply and performance, failure to streamline vendor-supplier interactions and complexity in managing costs. Disruptive digital technologies such as Mobile, Cloud and Analytics are the need of the hour; these technologies have facilitated cutting-edge research and the deployment of state-of-the-art products and services across industries.

Here’s how Endeavour can help you achieve the full potential of The Digital Business

Today’s consumer leads a highly digital-lifestyle and they expect brands to keep pace with them. Enterprises are restructuring their existing business models to allow digital to seep into every aspect of their organizational make-up. Endeavour can not only help you stay attuned to the pulse of the customer, but also allow your brand to scale its operations, improve profitability, manage reputation and cater to the market demands. Our suite of mobile cloud and analytics solutions can equip your business with solutions that will help you make business decisions in real-time and make process-improvements on the fly. Our technology experts will partner with you to help you implement the required digital infrastructure to drive and sustain profitability.

Our key solution offerings for the High-Tech industry include

  • Product Conceptualization
    Product Conceptualization – Proof-of-concepts and use case definition to aid in the development of new products and improve time-to-market.
  • Device Management
    Real-time, remote device management with single sign-on capabilities across hardware and software thereby improving overall efficiency.
  • Product Engineering
    Cross-product connectivity and interoperability, product architecting,system integration, prototype testing and regulatory compliance to improve consistency and standardization.

Mitigated risks associated with distracted driving for a mobile device technology company

We built a mobile-cloud platform for seamless management of mobile devices while driving and used analytics to improve efficiency with on-device testing for real-time simulation of driving conditions. The application automatically disables the user interface when the speed of the vehicle is above a threshold limit.

Client Outcomes: Ensuring higher road and driver safety thereby reducing the number of accidents. Scalable and flexible solution.


Turned homes, offices and vehicles into a fully responsive environment for a leading automation firm

We built a dashboard application for complete remote management of cars that provides control over the car alarm, warm-up settings and temperature and even monitors the voltage levels of the battery using an intuitive interface. We also built a home and office automation application to with multiple temperature control settings for each room and added several exciting features.

Client Outcomes: Energy saving and security with real-time remote monitoring, seamless integration with a number of connected devices.


Value-added feature for the world’s leading premium automobile manufacturer

We built a Smart Drive dashboard application for the Smart Car that turns a smartphone into a connected information and multimedia system and integrated all important features needed while driving into a single application; listening to music, turn-by-turn navigation, finding parking spots, analyzing driving patterns and in-vehicle telephony.

Client Outcomes: Reduced manufacturing costs of building dashboard cluster, ease of adding new features with simple software upgrades, increased brand-value with a smart, connected device.


Energy and Utilities

The Energy and Utilities industry is in a state of tumult, owing to regulatory uncertainties and the immense pressure from being put under the microscope for environmental violations. Energy and Utility leaders are evaluating new business models which can help them reinvent themselves. They are also taking a long, hard look at their existing supply channels, pricing structure, energy resources and capital investments. It is clear that Energy and Utility organizations must implement technology solutions that will allow them to address supply and consumption challenges and at the same time, reduce the costs and risks involved with their trade.

Here’s how Endeavour can help Energy and Utility companies become Digital Ready:

Endeavour’s suite of solution offerings can help improve how Energy and Utility companies operate and communicate; by bringing down the walls around data silos that restrict the flow of communication and allowing operators to exchange information in real-time. Our technology and domain experts can aid in the adoption of digital solutions that provide real-time asset and personnel performance data and powerful analytics on consumption patterns.

Our well-defined ecosystem of platforms, frameworks and partners can help tackle cyber-security challenges, leverage the IoT (Internet of Things), build mobile applications that increase customer loyalty and most importantly, present them with actionable insights that will help cut operational costs.

Our Digital Plant solutions provide end-to-end services helping Energy and Utility companies:

  • Increase efficiency by optimizing supply chains and enhancing asset utilization
  • Refine business processes to reduce operational costs and maximize ROI
  • Integrate social media and mobility solutions, manage and analyze Big Data information

Our key digital offerings for the Energy and Utilities sector include:

  • Strategic Consulting
    Consultation services by domain and industry experts to assess the current state of the organization, identify potential gaps and suggest a suitable model to adapt existing web and IT assets to new age devices and technology.
  • Dashboards and Workflows
    Advanced analytics models and BI to provide better insights for decision making. Dashboards to display plant-inventory, spare parts and resources in real- time. Instant mobile access to business and employee workflows and capabilities to approve/reject plans instantly.
  • Tracking and Monitoring
    Mobile tools to track and verify project progress with photos,digital signatures and GPS locations. Analytics to track consumers on energy consumption and payment patterns.
  • Managed Service Platform
    Increase productivity and efficiency of field teams by seamlessly integrating mobile and cloud services to offer service engineers anytime, anywhere access to business critical information via mobile devices.
  • Quality Assurance and Inspection
    Collaborative tools and checklists of tasks to be carried out by service engineers to avoid missing critical details. Inspection guidelines, safety and quality assurance specifications for better visibility and improved productivity.
Singapore Power

Improved productivity for a leading provider of gas transmission/distribution services in Asia

We created a mobile enabled workflow tool for reimbursement and overtime claims, leave applications and room bookings, and enriched it with features like on-the-go verification of claim status and cross-platform support.

Client Outcomes: Increased employee satisfaction with anytime, anywhere access to workflows, easy-to-use solution.


Increased scale and reach for a large power distribution cooperative in Texas

We envisioned a mobile strategy to extend the net energy market solution on a mobile platform and developed energy monitoring tool integrated with SAP backend systems to facilitate hourly power consumption monitoring and instant power outage notifications.

Client Outcomes: Mobile solution serving 81,000 customers, reduced energy consumption by 50% with proper monitoring.