Discover the Xamarin Edge with Endeavour

Mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAP) have been at the center of enterprise mobility for the last few years. Despite the initial traction of MEAP solutions a few years ago, the enterprise market is continuously shifting away from these type of solutions and embracing more flexible and open alternatives such as Xamarin. With Xamarin powered Endeavour apps, you experience:

Xamarin Advantage

  • World-class development environment with modern and powerful IDEs
  • High performance compiled code with full access to all the native APIs
  • Simplified app development and support process
  • Enables keeping native UI across all three platforms
  • Ability to reuse 60-80% of the code that cuts the development time in half

Endeavour Advantage

  • Certified Premier Xamarin Mobile App Consulting Partner
  • Mobile automated UI Testing with Calabash and Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin University Certified Experts
  • Experience in enabling Xamarin powered apps for multiple Fortune 500 companies

About Xamarin

Xamarin is the new standard for enterprise mobile development. No other platform enables businesses to reach all major devices—iOS, Android, Mac and Windows—with 100% fully native apps from a single code base. With Xamarin, businesses standardize mobile app development in C#, share on average 75% source code across platforms, and leverage their existing skills, teams, tools and code to rapidly deliver great apps with broad reach. Xamarin is used by over 500,000 developers to accelerate the creation of mission-critical consumer and enterprise apps.

Enabling Mobile Excellence

For Leading Brands Through

Tab Tesco

Developing mobile solution across platforms using Native applications, Html5 and Xamarin framework

Integrating In Store/ Online / Mobile shopping experience through

  • Clubcard: Integration of loyalty program across various LOBs
  • mCoupon:Analytics based on buyer’s shopping behavior
  • mPayments: Integration with Tesco ‘s Credit card and other payment providers

The Xamarin Advantage:

  • Migrated the entire development from native to Xamarin to save time and also reduce cost
  • Built reusable components that can be reprocessed across mobile platforms
  • Language-level Async to keep the apps responsive and reusing code to the extent of 60%-80% across platforms
  • Leveraged Unified API across all three platforms to create consistent experience
  • Simplified mapping of native API with the corresponding Xamarin API (Wrappers) making it easier for native developers to adopt to Xamarin

Tab Bridzi

Birdzi is a state-of-the-art Personalized Shopper Engagement Platform that enhances the shopping experience by leveraging the mobile device messaging capabilities

  • Pre-Shopping:providing personalized offers and helping shoppers to search for products and compare them for future purchasing decisions
  • In-store: detecting shopper movement in-store using latest technologies like location based service and iBeacons to provide relevant shopper content and deliver it to them at right place and time
  • Post-Shopping:facilitate retailers to connect with the messaging content that is triggered to the right shopper at the right time based on their shopping behavior

The Xamarin Advantage:

  • Developing an app to support all major platforms like iOS, Android—with fully native app from a single code base
  • Using Xamarin to decouple the UI code from the core logic, and use this non-UI code across projects
  • Leveraged Portable Class Libraries (PCL) to accelerate app development and code-sharing.
  • Leveraged the existing .NET expertise to avoid rework that lead to ~70% savings in development costs

Tab Rcw

Richland County Weather Information Network Data System (RC WINDS) mobile solution envisages to provide live and historic weather information to tourists visiting the county in an easily accessible format. The solution enables

  • Map View for the user to view current and live weather updates
  • Provide information related to Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Rain etc., of selected location in Richland County
  • Push notifications for Weather related updates etc

The Xamarin Advantage:

RC WINDS decided to build this solution using Xamarin Platform in order to support a wide range of mobile platforms while ensuring a rich user experience.

  • Leveraged Base Class Library (BCL) to reduce the development effort by over 60%
  • Maintained single code base for all platforms – iOS, Android, Windows
  • Enable native platform user experience by leveraging native platform API’s
  • Xamarin Integrated Development Environment (IDE) & Test Cloud (XTC) provided seamless testing & debugging across platforms